Supplying Super Dry Air & Fine Filtration

Compressor Care has a wide range of bespoke post compressed air products to tailor your needs

Donaldson Cyclonic Separators
Removes up to 66% of condensed moisture vapour downstream of the after cooler.

Donaldson Filtration
Donaldson LiIne FIlters separate out extremely fine impurities in the compressed air.

Condensate Systems – Designed to suit all the different types of compressor oil used, these are used to ensure clean water is discharged to the foul drains.

Sullivan-Palatek Dryers

Refrigerant dryers are one of the most economical methods of treating compressed air. By cooling the compressed air down to near-freezing point, the water and oil vapour are condensed, which is then separated from the air flow.

We Supply a Range of Donaldson Products

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