Compressor Care Pipework

At Compressor Care we can Design & Install all types of pipework to suit your requirements.

Our team can consult your needs and provide the correct sizing of pipework which is essential to operation for the end user.

AIRnet is a fast, easy and reliable piping system, designed for compressed air, vacuum, and other inert gas applications from the source to the point of use with the lowest total cost of ownership.

AIRnet proves to be a versatile & low cost labour alternative to the traditional galvanised pipework, fully tested & compliant to BS regulations.

At Compressor we supply galvanised steel pipe solutions. This type of pipework is a traditional method and is a common solution on many air compression systems. Therefore, this form of pipework can be used on existing solutions, as well as new solutions.

Galvanised Steel – A stronger & more durable pipe system for heavy duty industrial applications.

Anti-Corrosive Pipework – Pipework to suit many specialist applications from medical to pharmaceutical.

At Compressor we also supply PVC pipe solutions. These can be used independently or alongside other pipework, depending on your situation and the solution that best fits your requirements.

Vacuum PVC – From small medical to large industrial, we can supply solvent welded PVC pipework systems. We can also provide vacuum pumps and filtration equipment.

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